Tuesday 23 February 2010

valentine's Day revisited

Well, I am completely out of the blogging habit having been AWOL from here for just over a week but determined to get back into it, especially as it encourages me to share my crafting and mostly my chatting with you but also with me! Sometimes it helps to put things down in writing.

I shared the valentines day card I made for hubby but there were a few other bits and pieces to celebrate the day of lurve...

I discovered a very talented lady at a local craft fair who makes beautiful arty objects from glass and wire and I couldn't resist getting one for DH they are fabulous!

These were the little bags I made up for everyone to open on the day. They contained chocolate hearts, love heart sweets and little packets of bird seed (really sweet, printed from a blog that I have los,t from a pdf that I didn't save and I forgot to take a photo!!). The childrens had bendy straws too, which DD loves but I am not keen on as they are difficult to clean...... can you see what they say??? LOVE! Hubby did anonymously leave me a card on my pillow bless him!

How was Valentine's day for you? Do you love it or loathe it? I am a fan as love putting together little pressies and have actually held Valentine's parties for the children in the past! We were away this year so I was pretty conservative as didn't have much room to take all the crafting accessories!

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  1. Not greatly into Valentines myself...probably cause OH is usually away...but he was home this tear as it was a weekend...and we did go out for a lovely meal.