Friday 12 March 2010

Another Project 365 Update

Last weekend we visited friends in North London where we used to live and we had a blast! We all went bowling (not my forte, but great fun anyway!)
I love finding bargains when out shopping and come up with great ideas to use/alter/adapt them but sadly in reality these ideas do not always amount to much! A while ago I stumbled across these plastic containers in Sainsburys for 20p each and thought I might use them for keeping some stash in. Needless to say they remain unused so I am trying to shame myself into actively finding a good use for them...... any ideas?
ps I have more than two!
Look what I found in my bed on Tuesday night? A cute smiling boy! He likes nothing more than snuggling up in bed with me and will climb in at any opportunity! A few minutes later he was fast asleep!
Wednesday is usually my day off work and I have to do my chores, which this week included buying a birthday present for DS to take to her sleepover party. I went into Woking and parked at the top of the carpark and snapped the view.....
69/365Thursday night is 'fat Club' and I don't think I posted that I lost 2 lbs last week, this week was no change, which is better than gaining! We always have a treat, this week I brought these chocolates 70/365
we also shared some wine and some crisps, so much for the diet LOL.

Today DD made these wonderful hedgehog rolls at school and they not only looked good but tasted good too, yummy! 71/365


  1. I always enjoy reading your posts - they're so very you.

    How about decorating the pots and using them as easter baskets?


  2. Fab piccies, bet the pots would be fab for stash - ribbons, flowers, buttons, stamped images...