Friday 5 March 2010

Happy World Book Day!

Yes it's that time of year when our children get those 'vouchers' (that I put in a special place then forget where the special place is and have to buy another book to placate DS and DD!). Or get asked to dress up as a book character (there is only so many years that the Harry Potter costume is gonna fit!). But I actually think that reading a book is not as popular with children as it used to be. Actually it might not even be as popular with adults currently either. A lot of time is spent with multimedia games and wireless devices, where portabililty is no longer a problem. Who is reading out there? I am but I have to make a concerted effort to pick up a book regularly and I find it is easy to get out of the habit. I love reading and really enjoy it, but often find I accomplish and enjoy reading more when on holiday away from the distractions of life (ie the computer, work, cooking, housework etc etc). So I am celebrating World Book Day and sharing the current novel I am reading....
photo 64/365 the Purple Hibiscus
Yesterday I had some fun, I got this marvelous Stash Swop from Laura, via the great forum Craftyplace. There is such a plentiful supply of crafty fabbiness and is so generous, I can't wait to start playing and making!

In fact there is more as I forgot to include the pile of stamped images that I was sent in the photo!!! Thank you so much Laura xxx


  1. Hiya, you're not late with Shimelle's new class. The stash photo is a pre-class bit of fun, that's all. You'll find the details on Shimelle's forum. See you in class.

  2. Lovely little stash bag :-) Enjoy!

    Me and my family read - though I find that a lot of my own reading at the moment is other people's blogs lol! But I can't stop my children reading, which I'm so pleased about :-)

  3. I love reading......dd and I are the same...when we start a book we like....just can't put it down...and will sit up til the small hours reading...but I think you're right that people do read less today.....shame really.