Tuesday 23 March 2010

Catch Up!

Wednesday last week past in a blur of work, school runs, cub drop off/ collection, post school tea pick up, parents evening and relax! The highlight of my day was receiving my fab stash swop from Dragonllew so many wonderful things to play with
On Thursday I was in London at a study day in a great venue in Westminster. So I played the tourist as I walked from Waterloo station across Westminster Bridge to the conference venue.
Fat club in the evening and I had put on 2lbs, well I knew I had been bad so it wasn't much of a surprise!

I spent Friday in Brighton at a meeting with other Clinical Nurse Specialists, the weather was awful so it was a horrible 100+ mile round trip, though it was good to see colleagues. This trough of flowers was a beautiful rainbow of colour in an otherwise dull grey day.
We had a great Friday night at a school quiz, I ate lots, drank a bit and laughed a lot! We came 3rd which was pretty good especially as the winners were only 4 points ahead of us.

On Christmas Day I received 4 tickets to be used on Saturday 20th March. Guess what for...???
The four of us went to the O2
and had great seats with amazing views
We had a blast seeing all our favourite finalists form the 2009 show. Ollie, Daniel and Jamie were the best performers of the night though I enjoyed the beautiful tones of Stacey, Joe and Lucy. Jedward sadly were even worse live but the stage sets for them were great
can you see them suspended from the sealing spinning towards the stage? LOL! DH has some much better pics!

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  1. Ahh X factor was so great - Jedward made my whole night!!!