Wednesday 3 March 2010

Signs of Spring

Having Hubby at home is so great at times, yesterday was one of those times. I came home from work, he came home from an interview and we spent time together! Then we decided to walk to DS's school to collect him as it was such a bright and sunny day. We even managed to spot some signs of spring in our garden......
a solitary snow drop
and 61/365 a couple of purple crocus's (or is that crocci??!!)
Today I am chilling out as that's what I need to do! I am pottering at home, I have finished another book
house of spirits by Isabelle Allende
and I got a beautiful gift/card through the post which absolutely brightened my day.

Again I was very touched by a surprise from a thoughtful virtual friend thank you xxx


  1. Thank goodness there's finally signs of spring!!

  2. Hooray for signs of spring :-) And what lovely mail! x