Tuesday 23 March 2010

A couple of cards

Totally forgot to blog the fact that I made a whole 2 cards last week too!

I made this one for my online chum Choccy aka Oonie the Loonie, as she celebrated a special birthday. I actually got the idea of this card from Create and Craft of all places!! Never buy from there but I do enjoy some of the demo's. I tried to make it really 'blingy' and fun.

It's really easy (as most of my cards are) and is all about the folding.

This card was sent to Jennie for a Spring card swop over on the Crafty Place
the one she sent me in return is stunning and soooo Spring like. I love all the daffodils at this time of year they are probably my favourite flower and I love yellow flowers in general so this card is totally perfect ... thanks Jennie.
I was also lucky to get this cute card from Oonie just because she knows I like pigs and the paper made her think of me, bless thanks Chocster xxx


  1. Lots & lots of gorgous cards :) x

  2. These are lovely - the ones you gave and the ones you received! :-)

  3. Gorgeous makes that you've sent and received xxx

  4. Aren't they all fabulous - think my fave is Choccy's birthday card. x

  5. Ooh Ruth your pictures of the card you sent me came out better than the ones i took. I struggled getting the 40 on the front as its soooooo shiney :o) I love my card. Thank you..

    Sounds really bad that i see a pig and think of you lol... In the cute fluffy sense of course. Ruth is really very nice , not smelly and doesnt live in mud ;o) lol


  6. Lovely cards - the bling one is especially fab!

  7. It was a real pleasure to receive your gorgeous card.

  8. Gorgeous cards, really like the clever folded one courtesy of c&c tutorial, Christine alias Hassy x