Tuesday 2 March 2010

Project 365 catch up!

After being on holiday my contemperaneous photographs for Project 365 have been no more! So I am updating myself (and therefore you) so I can restart posting my pics daily (or there abouts) as I feel I am getting way behind not to mention slightly muddled!!
The last photo I managed to blog was 51/365 from Saturday 20th February! So here goes, get ready..... go.....
52/365 Molly bought this funky hat from the IOW and didn't take it off (this is at home with her sat at the desktop PC on MSN!!!)
53/365 my favourite, a cup of tea (I drink it fairly weak without Milk)
54/365 Books I read whilst away last week (prior to passing on to a friend)
55/365 A trip to Hobbycraft.... didn't buy much as so pricey!
56/365 a funny little plastic medical person (found at work, made me laugh!)

1 comment:

  1. Well done, still going strong :-) I'm trying to only post one pic each day, which means that I'm now over a week behind and getting very confused lol... Maybe I should do a catch-up too!