Wednesday 6 October 2010

Blogtoberfest day 6

I am really glad that I commited to being part of Blogtoberfest as I have been thinking about blogging and what to write each day. It's really helping me to get back into the daily habit of posting here.

I was off work today and Hubby and I watched 'The Lovely Bones' and I did some crafting while the film played. I have only made one card recently and that was for the lovely Marg and was actually a very belated card for the July CP card swop (I forgot to take a picture of it too!) As a result I have a huge 'IOU' list of various cards that i need to make for people. Today I decided to make a start on my list. I actually managed 3 birthday cards and sealed them all up before taking a picture so had to unseal them all!
A while ago I bought some Smirk decoupage sets and I finally used them. They were really simple to put together although I trimmed the pieces a little more after I popped them out. I have never used Smirk products before but they are quite fun and they were a great bargain(which is the main reason I got them!) So perfect for a couple of fast cards and I made them all up as toppers to make some more cards when I have a bit more time.
I found that if I used all the pieces the decoupage was really 'fat' so would not be easy to fit in an envelope and post. With some of the sheets I managed to get 2 images out of the pieces which I was really pleased with.
The scalloped cards and the sentiments are both from the very fab Craftwork Cards.

This one was made using all the decoupage bits and pieces I think whereas the one below was made using the 'leftover' pieces from another one. Does that make any sense at all???

My relaxing day was made even more perfect by having lunch out with my fabby Hubby and a stroll at Newlands Corner in the sunshine, just what the Dr ordered and hopefully means I am on the road to recovery after having no energy last week! I have even managed to stay up beyond 10pm this week...LOL!


  1. Brilliant cards. I love the little dogs, especially the one on the first card. Jaqui x

  2. Lovely cards, what cute decoupage!