Tuesday 19 October 2010

oh no I forgot to post yesterday!

I woke up this morning thinking of my blog (and a few other things that are playing on my mind!) and was disappointed that I totally forgot to blog yesterday. I went to work and stayed there until after 6, came home had dinner (whilst watching Desperate Housewives), read my book and went to sleep early.... totally forgetting!!

Has anyone else watched Desperado's? DD and I really like to catch up with all the gossip from the ladies on Wisteria Avenue, the first epeisode from this season showed the arrival of a new female star. It was Vanessa Williams AKA Wilemina from Ugly Betty (another of our fave girlie shows). She seems to play the exact same feisty type female character so I am sure she will be causing lotsa chaos throughout the series.

Look forward to catching up woth all your news and blogs soon xxx


  1. Aww don't worry!! I have watched enough of past episodes to know who is who, haven't watched any of the new series though xx

  2. Firstly, don't worry at all about missing a day :-) You could always cheat of course, by setting an autopost for yesterday's date! ;-) But only if you wanted a complete set of posts to look back on, there's no pressure in Blogtoberfest.

    I haven't ever watched it, no - I'm sure I'd enjoy it but I know The Doctor wouldn't and I already drive him out of the living room whenever X-Factor is on!!