Friday 15 October 2010

I just couldn't resist...

signing up for the new Shimelle Class!!!
I got an email from the fab Shimelle today as a follow up to LSNED. It wasn't a personal one so I am sure many of you have had the news in your inbox today as well! It said there was a new class called 'True Stories' so I went off to Shimelle's blog (always an inspirational place to visit and peruse!) to investigate.
''True Stories covers fifteen different ways to approach your story and commit it to paper. You can use these prompts as a scrapbooker and see your journaling evolve to something that will be a treasure to read. You can use the prompts as a blogger to make your entries feel like honest, unique and compelling tales. Or you can just use them in general as a collection of ways to add a bit more excitement to your writing if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut of writing the same way on every project.''
This is just perfect timing for me as I was only saying today that I wished I recorded more of the details of my children as they were growing up, I have forgotten so much, so the memories will be lost (unless I can eventually recall them or someone else does!). I recently started trying to write something online most days using as I receive a daily reminder via email that I reply to which makes it relatively simple. But I think this class will be ideal to focus how I phrase things and what I write so I am really looking forward to it.
Also I have been blogging every day this month as part of Blogtoberfest and would like to try and continue with these daily posts and True Stories is for bloggers as well as scrappers... what more could a girl want!!??
It was even better as there was a discount as an ex pupil and classmate of LSNED if I signed up before Monday. A great Shimelle class and a bargain too!!! For most of you it will be £10 ($15)which I still think is a great price. So are you signed up yet??? Come on and join me and we can share our True Stories together


  1. I'm signed up, too, so I'll be seeing you in class!

  2. I just couldn't resist....and signed up as well....journaling isn't my strong hoping it will be really useful as well as fun. See you in class!

  3. All signed up and I would defo recommend the class, and u'll know me. It's the 14 and 15th May 2011 for your info. Last year it cost about £250.00 I think without accomodation but the rooms werent expensive and there was stuff going on from Satruday 9am right through the evening and all day Sunday too. The classes were brilliant and the organisation/food etc was brilliant too. The grounds are beautiful and it is set in the middle of nowhere so lovely and peaceful.
    Jo xxxx

  4. I'm in :-) It sounds great, I can't wait to get started!