Monday, 4 October 2010

Dolphin Watch

This summer, the family went to Scotland. We based ourselves on the Black Isle, about an hours drive north of Inverness. We chose our location as it was only a few miles from Chanonry Point as this is the meant to be the best place in Europe to observe Bottlenose Dolphins.

We spent many hours on the pebble covered beach, in a variety of weather conditions including the obligatory Scottich rain (on more than one occasion!) But the dolphins did not disappoint, it was amazing to watch them catching fish just yards off the shore. The frustration lay in trying to capture on camera those majestic creatures gliding through the waves, jumping out the water and performing their aquatic acrobatics . We took hundreds of pictures and most of them are either just water or a fin disappearing into the water! Those dolphins are fast!!

There were several 'professional' wildlife photographers on the shoreline with us and wow did they have some amazing kit with them! They wurred and clicked away and took so many snaps, I would love to see the results, I bet they managed to catch some of the magic moments I witnessed.

This is one of my favourite images of the day, our last whole day, and I love it. The sun was shining and the dolphins were playing, a perfect combination.


  1. Ooooh I'm jealous!! That's one of my favourite places. Love the dolphins - the one and only time I saw them was from Fort George. It really is special though, great pic. Jaqui x

  2. Great shot! I've only see a wild dolphin once and he was way too fast for pictures.

  3. Sorry you had some dreich weather but fab photos - just off the Kessock bridge on the way out of Inverness is another good place to spot them. The best photos of a dolphin I have taken was one that had swam into Macduff harbour and had managed to get stuck for a while.