Sunday 3 October 2010

Book review Cleo, how a small black cat helped heal a family by helen Brown

I have just read this book and thought I would share the review I have published for an online bookstore......

''I have already recommended this book to several friends and will be buying it for others as it really is a great read. This book made me cry at times and had moments in it where I laughed out loud!
I was touched by Helen's very honest account of her experiences around the death of her 9 year old son (the same age my son is now). She has a really easy writing style that makes the words flow and enables the reader to get totally absorbed by the story. I wish I could access Helen's newspaper columns as she is certainly very entertaining and has many wise anecdotes. My favourite words of wisdom are found on page 110 where she talks about the important role of Mothers, the power we possess and the miracle of birth. I wrote it down as it is so inspirational.

Cleo is an amazing cat, who has an amazing life with Helen and her family. In fact Cleo is an extremely important member of the family and is involved in all the major events that happen (I think she is a major event!!). I have a cat and I am certain he is not as wise as Cleo, but he is just as amusing at times.

I loved this book and recommend it to those who have lost, those who have loved, those who are mothers, those who have family and those who have a cat in their lives. You will not be disappointed.''
So what have you read recently? I love reading but have spent most of my time reading books around pharmacology and nurse prescribing so it came as a welcome change to read Cleo. As you can see I really loved it and look forward to having more time to read the growing pile of books I have at home. Do let me know your favourite books as I am always interested in what other people like or loathe!


  1. Oh I read about this book a while ago in one of the papers - but I dont think I would be able to read it - I think I would get quite upset - but the story is sooo lovely. It does make you think about fate and things like that.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book.

    If you like book recommendations check out the It's Monday! What are you reading? list at There are about 100 blogs sharing their reading lists and reviews every Monday.

  3. I'm always interested in book reviews and what other folk are reading. Years ago I read a book called "For The Love Of Sang" by Rachel Anderson which I think you would like - warm, moving story about a mum trying to adopt.

    If you drop by my blog this week you can have a go at Pass The Book

  4. I might give this one a try. The last book I bought is unfinished - Eat, Pray, Love. Apparently it is a good book, but I struggled mightily to get into it. Have you read it?