Saturday 16 October 2010

Saturday night in

I cannot go out on Saturday nights anymore, there is too much to watch on the TV despite having sky +. It is great viewing for the whole family so we all become couch potatoes together sitting around 'the box'!

I expect you can guess what our favourite programmes are but just in case, our favourite has to be.....

the X Factor. I watch it every year and for the past 2 Christmas's I have received 4 tickets to the X Factor live tour so the whole family have seen the performances of all our favs (and the others too!!) This season has been filled with controversy already and I too was shocked by Cheryl's choices but Cher proved she has potential last week, tho' the jury is out on Katie still.

I was sad to see FYD leave last week as I thought they were great and would love to see them live... why is Wagner still in??? I would never pay money to see him, perhaps he is this years Jedward?? Believe me they were worse in real life than on any of the TV shows.... truly shocking! So who are your favs? So far I am enjoying Mary, Aidan, Matt and Cher.

Our second favourite is Merlin, we have followed every episode since the show started. Much of the storyline is complete fantasy but it is always fun and me being a traditionalist loves the age old story of good conquering evil. Plus it has the added bonus of Giles (Anthony Head) from Buffy playing the role of Uther. We actually tend to watch Merlin on Sunday as the X Factor HAS to be watched live obviously!!

The last essential Saturday night viewing has to be Strictly come Dancing. It is definitely best recorded so you can fast forward through all the apalling Bruce Forsyth jokes. Again I have my favs and they do not include Paul Daniels or Anne Widdecombe though I do appreciate her quick wit with the judges ie Craig. Do you watch Strictly? Do you like Bruces jokes?? Lol!

No doubt you all manage to go out on a Saturday night, next weekend we'll be with family so I doubt we'll be watching our fave programmes... I suspect we'll survive.....just!


  1. We record Merlin to watch while we're eating our sunday roast - & Arthur is rather nice eye candy :)

  2. I watch X-Factor - but sadly it drives out the rest of my family!! I could dispense with Wagner myself, but Mary, Matt, Rebecca and Aidan have great voices, and I like Cher's style. Did you see Jedward on the TalkTalk ad intro to one of the segments tonight?!

  3. what????? Jedward were amazing in the live shows!!!! :P

    I really liked Aiden, he is so lovely. Also REALLY loved One Direction, I'd totally find myself singing along to their tunes!!! Cher, love and hate her can't decide yet!

  4. I watched X Factor last year for the first time after nagging from my boys - and am now hooked. I love Wagner - he doesn't take it too seriously. I watch it with my boys and as you say its good to find something we can all watch together. Another fave is Merlin which I watch with youngest son. I am on my own for Strictly though. I haven't watched it before (and will freely admit to onlu watching it cos of gorgeous Gav and his 6 pack!) Has to be recorded though so I can minimise how much Bruce I actually have to endure - he really isn't funny aanymore. My money is on Wagner and Widdecombe!!

  5. OK that's spooky - your Saturday night TV is exactly the same as mine even down to recording Strictly and fast-forwarding through Bruce Forsyth :) Jaqui x