Friday 1 October 2010


I have been shockingly awful at blogging recently as you will be well aware, I think I have been shockingly awful at life too as have been feeling completely exhausted! I have gone to bed with the 9 year old for the last 3 nights and been asleep by 9pm and today I had an afternoon nap... what's that all about!? I was putting it down to side effects from the b.c.c. treatment but that finished last week so not so sure now??!!

Anyway I was just reading one of my fave blogs I Speak Melsh and came across Oktoberfest and think it may be just what I need to get me doing daily posts in October which is a month that I love as there is so much happening!

That said not a lot has happened today, school run, DS's class assembley about Shakespeare (he was one of Macbeth's witches!!), work, afternoon nap and up in time for dinner eaten in front of 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' wot a treat!!

Hopefully October will contain some things more worthy of a blog post and if I find my missing energy and enthusiasm, I might even manage some crafting.... I was trying to do LSNED but have posted no evidence of it yet!!!


  1. YAY! I look forward to reading each day :)

  2. Happy Blogtoberfest! I hope you feel better soon - being too tired is hideous I know, but for me it is a normal state of affairs to say "Too much sleep is never enough!".

    Here is to a great month of bloggy goodness!