Wednesday 20 October 2010

Jumble Sale

Saturday 16th October was the annual school jumble sale for DD's secondary school and I volunteered to help. I was there for about 4 hours setting up, selling and then clearing away. The qualitly of goods varied hugely, from those that went immediately into the industrial sized school rubbish bins to items that were spotted immediately by dealers and snaffled up long before the doors opened!
I was on the book/video/dvd/pc/games tables so was surrounded by so much that I really couldn't take it all in!! There were lots of things everywhere and I tried my hardest to keep it all organised and tidy. I had also helped set up some of the toys and some of the more general bric a brac, again some of it was old toot but there were a few pieces of treasure I discovered...

quite a variety as you can see. I will try and share some of my 'finds' with you on here when I get a chance.
These are the books that I bought

There are 2 'old' versions of Enid Blyton's Secret Seven books, which I picked up purely for sentimental reasons as I loved reading these as a child. I thought there was lots of interesting information in 'i before e except after c' and it might even teach me a few things. 'The little Mermaid' is a board book that I hope to make into a mini album some time, I was hoping to find an interestingly shaped board book but this was the only one I saw. The last book I bought was 'The power of a praying woman', which I think my mum will really enjoy. I did feel a little sad that there was a brand new bible on the stall that never sold! I did end up finding someone who knew of a good place to donate it to as we were tidying up at the end.

Do come back again soon and I'll share some more of my wierd and wonderful jumble finds...can you guess what any of them are/or what I plan to use them for???


  1. I love jumble sales...and have picked up some great bargains over the years.
    I've still got some of my original Enid Blyton books as well....I loved the Secret Seven and the Famous Five.

  2. ooh looks like you picked up some fab stuff! I loved Enid Blyton too :) I recently visited a Pizza Express in Banbury and was amazed to find that they had lots of framed (very old) Enid Blyton books covering the walls! It looked great and isn't something I've ever seen before, I was fascinated! Am quite intrigued to know what the piece of blue equipment is at the top left of your picture!! :) Gemma x

  3. The Enid Blyton books are lovely - some fancy magazine stylist would probably love to get their hands on them!

  4. That sounds such fun! I still re-read our Enid Blytons occasionally :-)

    I have one of those Dymo label makers - fab for cards and scrapbooks!

  5. I love picking up old books from stalls - have quite a collection .... such a pity they are all packed away in boxes at the moment - now I'm feeling wistful ;-)