Saturday 23 October 2010

Handmade cards

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated a birthday, not a big one, just another one! I was lucky enough to receive several handmade cards and they arrived through the letterbox over a few days so I had something wonderful to open on more days than just my birthday!

I had a handmade card from each of the children, but all the others are from really wonderful women from the MSE cardmaking thread. I actually have only met one of these lovely ladies and I rarely get to go online to chat in the forum anymore, so that made it more special.

These cards are from (from top left clockwise), Claire (Mod frog), Jo (Jowri), Tina (Artydoll), Marg. Karen (Cookie) and Antonia (OAP) they are all completely stunning!!

If you look at these cards the bright yellow one has a pencil drawing of a pig in the sunshine (my talented DS!), the pretty pink pig is courtesy of the arty DD, from top left down we have cards from Debbie (Padster), Soma (Uma) and Sarah (Rainmac). The card on the right above the pig is from Dawn (Addams) and the one below it is from Jenny (Dragonllew). I feel really honoured to have so many fabulous handmade cards so a huge big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you xxx I apologise in advance for my lack of sending cards out to people!!

I don't seem to make cards as much as I did in the past, I am quite busy with work and trying to study plus I started scrapbooking this year and this is definitely my main papercrafting love at the moment. I think the two crafts work quite well together as after you have made a LO there are always lotsa little scraps let over and these are ideal for making a card or two (if only I was that organised to actually work that way.... you should see my pile of scraps!!!)

So if you scrapbook do you make cards too?? What do you do with your scraps and how do you store them? Mine are in a folder divided into colour/pattern/theme sections (plus some piled in a box!!) do share!!


  1. Belated birthday wished furry, that's so lovely that your children made your cards xxx

  2. Happy birthday! What a lovely collection of cards :-)

    I save all my scraps - smaller pieces go into old Chinese takeaway tubs, sorted by colour; bigger pieces go into a metal box file, again sorted by colour. (I like sorting things by colour...) And yes, I use them to make cards as well as for scrapping!

  3. oooh some lovely cards there Furry!! Happy Belated Birthday wishes for you!! So sorry haven't sent you a card - note to self 'must do better'!!

    I hope you had a fab day!