Saturday 9 October 2010

Cat in a tree!

Do you have pets? I may have said before we have one cat, Tinker and 3 rabbits, Panda, Cloud and Willow. The rabbits live in the garden in their three cages and as such are somewhat seperated from the daily interactions of the household. Tinker on the other hand has a major influence on most activities!

Today I was expecting the return of the summer for the weekend as promised in the tabloid newspaper I read yesterday. It did not arrive in Surrey! We had a warmish but totally grey day so not ideal for taking photographs. But I couldn't resist when Tinker joined us in the garden and had one of his 'funny half hours'!!
He ran up a tall tree maybe 30 feet out on a branch, then sat there miaowing at me as if I was going to be able to get him down! He ran up to the tip of the branch and looked like he was going to topple off but quickly retreated to the thicker part and sat down again miaowing! He was funny but he did manage to get down independently eventually!!

Currently he is sat in the kitchen hoping to be served some chicken that Lovely Hubby is cooking for dinner... I think he is out of luck!
Another post for Blogtoberfest xxx


  1. lol! DId he get any chicken in the end?!

  2. Didn't you get another summer then? We were reading about it over here in the Usa (Daily Mail on the Kindle) and had visions of you all lounging around in the gardens. Tinker is a gorgeous cat (we had a cat called Tinker once. He ran away. Says a lot for my cat rearing abilities)
    big hugs
    En xx

  3. Cute photos!

    Thanks for your lovely comment about my layout - the cloud paper came ready cut out from Crate Paper, one of last years releases. I'm glad you liked it!

  4. Great pics and aren't cats just the best! Glad he made it down himself and I know the look of "Your having chicken and you know I loooooove chicken so why can't I get some too" only too well. :) Jaqui x