Saturday 16 January 2010

The Big Thaw

Where has all the snow gone?? Where has all the time gone?? Can't believe I haven't popped on for a chat since the snow starting melting away (my bloggy inspirations obviously melted away at the same time!)

Well the temperatures are up, couldn't believe it was 6 degrees yesterday at midnight. It has rained all day here and most of the snow has just 'washed away'. Despite the lack of snow day some people still seem to manage Jammy Days ...... clue......
Thursday I managed to drive into work and the most slipping I did was in the car park good ol' NHS! I had a full on day at work but enjoyed a winding down drink in the evening....
a caramel Baileys (and Hubbys beer).
Yesterday was the first time I managed to see any grass in my garden for ages so this was my photo for the day.....
Plans for the weekend are continuing to swop some rooms/space around (I think there is a craft area coming for me.... watch this space!). Also need to sort out and print some photographs for my first ever scrap layout as I am crafting tomorrow night!

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  1. Oooo, I hope you get a craft space, you lucky thing! My craft space is the sofa, for working on anyway, and sometimes the floor when Kai's gone to bed.