Monday 11 January 2010

Getting back to normal

The children returned to school and I went off to work, a typical Monday morning except for having a house husband! Yep Hubby is at home at the moment and how great is that? Well he took DS to school (plus his friend!), took the car to the garage for a service/MOT, did some shopping and cooked dinner. Beef bourguignon!

I did the mash potatoes and the veg plus veggie option for DD! I really should have taken a picture of what was on our plates rather than the half empty casserole dish!

I even managed a belated birthday card for my neice, again a fairly simple one using up some more of that ol' stash paper! Just need to start a scrapbook layout and I will really be achieving things!


  1. Yummy dinner! The card is wonderful - I need to make a paper page soon ... need to get back in the groove for sure!

  2. Lovely looking dinner and gorgeous card xxx

  3. Ooh, fab :-) Must add that to my list of dishes to cook (though I think I'd do the cooking even if The Doctor was at home...) Lovely card too x

  4. Mmmm that casserole looks delish!! Fab card too xx

  5. yummy grub, and your nieces card is delightful, I love personalised cards.
    big hugs
    En xx

  6. cute card furry!

    Just a heads up that there will be a "Being Your"
    project post tomorrow on my blog. Come and see me and check it out :)