Sunday 10 January 2010

Quick crafting

I still need to send some more Christmas Thank You cards, when do you think it is too late to send them out? I suspect any time in January is probably good enough to show your gratitude. I do think thank you letters/cards are few and far between. My S.I.L has always encouraged her children to send them and we have had 4 beautifully written cards from them already (they are all teenagers too!). No-one else has sent one and that seems to be pretty much the norm unfortunately. Is that the same for you in your household? Do you get many? Do you send any? We have made and sent around 20 so far and still have a few more to organise.
This is a quickie pink version of the ones I made earlier this week.

and this is one of Molly's fantastic cards, she too tried stamping and embossing. The coaster calendar was made especially for her grandparents as an extra thank you!


  1. love it all Furry, and Molly is very talented ;) xx

  2. LOve the cute card and Mollys calendar is just perfect
    HUgs Jacqui x

  3. The card are a lovely idea...we've always sent 'than you' notes to people we don't actually see....but personally thank those we see day to day.....but my teenagers prefer to phone people....which I actually don't think is quite the same.

  4. Lovely :-) I think Thank Yous are important - we write them for anyone who gave us a present who we didn't see or speak to in order to thank them personally. We only receive one or two, but then most of the people we give gifts to thank us in person too!

    PS Thanks so much for signing up on my Project 365 MckLinky :-) My first ever MckLinky!! I'm very excited lol!!