Friday 8 January 2010

Christmas is finally over

Well, all the decorations are down and waiting for a final sort through, I have stopped watching Christmas films and have recycled all the good bits of the cards for crafting. I love Christmas sooo much and I look forward to it all year. I try and learn from each Christmas I have now, so I hope to remember what worked or what was missing and adapt for the next time.

One thing I want to do for 2010 is start homemade cards and crafts a little bit sooner. I will cut out some things completely, make present buying easier (I have a plan but just in case any of my family are watching will share it nearer Christmas!) and I will not buy as many crisps/snacks and cakes!! I say this every year but still seem to find myself feasting on Chocolate and other naughtiness way beyond New Year so it takes me ages to kick start the ol' healthy eating regime (no point starting until you eat every single morsel of badness up is there??)

I wanted to share the selection of homemade cards I got for Christmas

made by family and friends, young and old, digital and 'real' and every one brightened my day. Thank you all.

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