Saturday 2 January 2010

What are your goals for 2010??

This was the title of a post from Kate over at Liberty Cottage a few days ago. I thought I had posted a reply but can't see it now and I have been thinking about my 'aims' as scrappyjacky phrased it. So in no particular order here are my goals for 2010....

my crafting items and my crafting time
the house! I am going to start of small organiseing a shelf or drawer a week minimum
my time and energy (there is never enough to go round so going to be picky how I spend it!)
meals/ shopping (meal planning and watching my budget)
birthdays / Christmas (did pretty well this year and going to keep up with MSE threads again)

for the many things I already have and not always be looking for more
for my wonderful hubby, children and family/friends ( I really need to spend more time with everyone and cherish all those near and dear to me)
for health and happiness and all the other blessings that money cannot buy
for the good things and not dwell on the bad (at the moment I keep saying that hubby has only had a job for 4 months out of the last 9 and it is making me very negative so I need to turn this around and get on with it and keep fingers crossed another contract is found soon)

overall to increase my creativity
I am going to take a 'photo a day' aka project 365
journal about my day either here and/or in a diary so I don't forget
blog as much as possible (blogging became an almost daily habit during the advent swop and i want to continue)
continue to make not buy cards (try and make them in advance and enter challenges)
THE BIG ONE....Scrapbooking .. been meaning to start for years, I've bought all the stash, read all the books, studied the blogs but never even started one layout. So if anyone has any tips or must do's or anything else they wish to impart please do leave a comment!!

So what are your goals for 2010????


  1. "So if anyone has any tips or must do's or anything else they wish to impart please do leave a comment"
    Stop talking about it and get on with it woman!!!
    That is the biggest and hardest step, once done its soooo much easier (as I am living proof of!)

  2. Some great goals there furry, looking forward to sharing your journey x

  3. Hello Furry - your list has inspired me to jot some aims of my own - Thank you

  4. Some great goals for the for scrapbooking...why not look at some of the challenge sites....and then just go for it....once you've actually'll soon be addicted!!