Saturday 16 January 2010

I made another card!

This is a thank you card that I created with a new stamp for K as she is totally batty about bats!
I then made a really simple topper for this bag of candy teeth, and I have written 'Fangs a lot'!! I have used really simple toppers like this on bags of candy or reindeer food for the last couple of years, I can do simple!
So far I have not been very creative in 2010 on the papercrafting front. I have been reading lots of blogs, being inspired, getting ideas and considering challenges but not actually done much!
I think this is due to 2 main reasons, firstly, my state of mind dictates I sit down and become a coach potatoe at every given chance (preferaby with a pile of chocolate to eat!) I have beentrying to stay in the Christmas chillax zone! Secondly, I have a huge amount of craft stuff in boxes and bags as it has been moved into different rooms over Christmas and now as we are rearranging some of our living space. So it is difficult to find everything.
I am planning to sort out every single piece of crafty stash that I have and rearrange it all, hopefully in my own crafty corner in the house (very exciting). I know already there are things I will probably never use as they have been given to me or bought when I wasn't so sure of my style/taste. I need to clear some things out so I can be better organised so I can make and create more readily. I think I need to try and use some of these items as I need to watch the pennies at the moment (hubby has an interview next week so fingers crossed he will be back in employment soon). So trying to think of ways to use it up! I might make some more coaster calendars as got several calendars left and they will be pretty worthless soon, I can cover the coasters with my least favourite papers I guess?? Any ideas for me for these unloved items? Wish I had some nearby crafty friends but sadly they are all far away and unable to join me for a days papercrafting or even better in a crafty swop shop (do you remember Noel Edmonds on a Saturday morning??!!)


  1. They look great - love the bat!!

  2. they look fangulous (terrible I know!) :) xx

  3. Cute bat :-)

    Have you tried looking for a local 'crop'? One of the magazine websites has a search facility to help you find craft groups in your area. Or if you have a local craft shop, it might be worth asking them if they know of one.

    And good luck to your husband xx