Thursday 7 January 2010

Wordle blog words

Was just reading one of my fav blogs 'I Speak Melsh' ( I am a daily reader, more frequently sometimes!) and spotted that Mel had used wordle, entered her blog url and come up with an amazing bit of unique word art (here). I have previously used wordle in card making so this was an intriguing idea!

I have blatantly stolen her brilliant idea and created my own piece of bloggy wordle art, sadly after faffing about for ages this is the best image I can produce! Will have to ask Mel how she produced her clear, crisp picture!
Go have a play and see what you come up with! I have obviously written about snow a lot in the last few days as this is the largest word surprise, surprise!


  1. Saw Mel's one and love yours as well....actually the black background looks really great.

  2. Love it :-) I like the white on black too - I've used that combo before - now I want to change mine!!

    As far as the crisp image goes, I do a 'screen grab' and then crop it, rather than saving it through the Wordle site. I find I get a higher resolution that way. For more details have a look at the comments section of my original post, and just shout if I can be of any more help! :-)