Wednesday 20 January 2010

Boots (snow), scrap decisions and the office

Not sure what the title makes you think of but these are subjests of my 365 photos that I have been amiss at blogging for the last few days!

On Monday the kids and I were back in a routine with school runs and work. In the evening I went to a nearby ladies house who I had met through an advert she placed in the local community magazine. I had gone to her house twice prior to Christmas as she was doing 'card classes' and I was the only pupil! I really enjoyed meeting a crafty person in 'real life' and had fun working with 2 of her card designs for Christmas. However it was a bit costly and generally we have different styles in card making so I decided not to continue with cards but she decided to do a cheaper class called 'chattin and scrappin'!

So Monday night was the first session and again it was just the 2 of us, she has not got much scrapbooking experience, so although I had a great evening I didn't actually get any guidance/inspiration with my first LO. Again we are poles apart in styles/tastes/set up etc etc. But we had plenty of the 'chattin' and I got to use some of her dies in her bigshot to help embellish my layout. I think I may continue to pay to go but go with more ideas of what I want to do so I can then make the most of her equipment, dies and stamps to accessorice my scrapping!
I had taken along almost every paper and embellishment that I felt might be in keeping with what I wanted to achieve and I was completely lacking in inpiration and the lighting wasn't great so a colour I thought worked really didn',t so I have more work to do. This is the pile of stuff I thought I might use...


Yesterday I worked from 9am until 7pm and came home very tired, hungry and with aching feet. I did very little in the evening but had remembered to take my camera to work and snapped a quickie picture of my corner of.....

THE OFFICE! I share this with 2 other people and everything has been arranged and set up by them so there is nothing personal to me. Not very glam, but we are talking about the NHS remember!! What ideas can I think of to change that I wonder??

Today was much more relaxing after an exciting start.... after the school run I headed into town for the start of the Boots 75% sale! I was in and out of the store in 30 mins and was very pleased with my purchases.

This afternoon the sky turned dark grey and it started snowing again! The temperatures are much higher today so it has mostly melted away though it did settle for a couple of hours so I nipped out to take yet another picture SNOW! I loved the way the bright red berries stood out from the green leaves and white snow.


  1. Oh yes, that last photo is really effective - great colours :-) Good luck with finding a crafting solution that works for you!

    PS I'll edit my post with the slideshow to include a link as I did before - sorry, I did intend to do that but forgot! It'll be there in a minute so you can see the mini-book if you'd like to x

  2. awww, I thought the "office" bit was going to be the before piccy of your possible new crafting area.

    Oooo, you could do a "changing rooms" to the office. Recover the chairs, maybe add some mdf, padding and red velvet with gold trim to turn them into thrones, paint the desks, or maybe use some sticky back plastic, do similar to the file holders etc to coordinate them.

  3. Managed to pick up a few bargains in Boots myself today!!
    Love your 'snowberries' photo.

  4. Me again....just read your comment on my blog candy win....was it Heart and Home....or have I missed something??!!

  5. i grabbed Boots by the horns too! Can't wait to see your first layout furry. Don't overthink it!

    Saw this today and totally agree:

  6. I love reading about you on your blog furry and I love your pics, your office space needs something fluffy - maybe a nice furry pig x So what did you get in Boots??? Xmas pressies?

  7. I Love the snow picture and agree your office could do with a bit of none NHS decor - maybe a colourful poster on the wall would be easy to do. Wish I'd known about the Boots sale - lucky you & only 30 mins! x

  8. Sorry that you were disappointed with your first scrap and chat. Too bad you live so far away, you could come here for free and do the same :) Keep up the great work. Love your cards!