Friday 22 January 2010

work days

I work my longest day on a Thursday so DS goes to 'After School Club' and DD goes to the free art club at secondary school. I never seem to have enough time on a Thursday and yet again I didn't manage a blog entry. I actually have 2 photos from yesterday....
the before
the after
As Hubby could no longer bear to look at our kettle that was furred up, the lid didn't open and worst of all it had warped (as you can see) so it was easy to get burned (or is it burnt?). So he went to Sainsburys and bought our shiny new one for a bargain £20!
Today DD had a poorly tummy so stayed home from school. She looked so pale when I returned from work and had made herself a bed with duvet and blankets in the lounge which had attracted the cat. DD and the cat are great friends and I managed to catch this fabby picture of the 2 of them snuggled together.

Usually Friday nights is Scouts night but we had an evening off as DD has been poorly (tho seems much better now) and for me it is the start of the weekend. I am getting so lazy! I have sat here all evening chatting, sharing a bottle of wine and chilling with the TV and no crafting yet again!! Must get organised!!!


  1. Lazy is good :-) Never feel guilty at having a bit of laziness! Hope your girl is feeling better now x

    PS Like the new kettle!

  2. Hope Mol feels better soon! lovely pic !