Saturday 2 January 2010

A relaxing day at home

The original plan for this weekend was a trip to Dorset to see the in laws, but MIL is unwell so the trip has been postponed and we have stayed at home. I must confess I was quite happy to have a few days chilling at home and so were the children. As I have probably said numerous times before elliot loves a 'jammy day' and he managed to stay indoors in his pyjamas all day today. His first love is playing on any electronic device and I caught him and Molly in action, in Pj's, in the lounge, on the Wii!
Look at the concentration on their faces! I think they were arguing over gaming strategy at this point! These are my photos for today a simple memory of a shared time. Molly and I did go out sale shopping, which was quite unsuccessful we only spent £2.99 and Molly didn't manage to get anything she wanted. Good for saving money I guess though.


  1. I am hoping for a pj day today. Got nothing to go out for but lots to do at home x

  2. looks like you had a lovely day ,sometimes there is nothing like a bit of family time xx