Sunday 3 January 2010

A trip down gaming memory lane

Ages ago we bought a couple of 'plug 'n' play' games. They are very portable as they plug directly into any television so were handy for holidays or an easily set up quick fix! They have remained forgotten in a cupboard upstairs but the children re-discovered them today. This is what they ended up playing today

PACMAN!!! I have many happy memories of wasted time on the super large gaming machines in my youth! Do you remember Pacman? I know it shows my age but those creatures are sooo cute!


  1. Love Pacman - def brings back memories. I found it on facebook a few weeks ago, frustrating when you cant beat your top score! lol

  2. I have an old atari under the bed that I get out at times, great fun playing centipede & such like :)

  3. Oh, I must rediscover our plug-in games!! Good ol' Pacman :-)

    Happy New Year by the way - I've been a bit rubbish at keeping up with people's blogs so my greeting is a bit late, sorry! But wishing you all the best for 2010 xx

  4. Memories! It was Frogger with me :D Also found that on Facebook recently and been reliving my youth ;)

    The 2 Scrap Ladies class I went to was in Ludgershall, took me a couple of hours to get there but SO worth it. Julia did say at the time that if it caught on and people were interested she would take it on the road. So if you know of a hall they could do it in and got enough people interested it might be worth having a natter to her if Ludgershall is to far away from you?