Thursday 7 January 2010

Snow day 2

Both the childrens schools were closed again today and after speaking with work colleagues I also stayed at home. I was really busy initially and on the telephone for 4 hours talking to all the patients I had booked into see me today, resceduling their appointments.
Here is the 'finished' igloo, now known as the Fort.

and out.
Elliot really didn't like the snow today, he said it was 'different' (there had been no snowfall since last night and it was very icy underfoot, temp this morning was about -8 brrr!) and not as much fun to play in. So he has had a great day playing with new board games and putting together meccano type vehicles. Molly was happy to go off to play with some friends so it was a quiet house.

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  1. We're still off too, but a lot of snow has gone now - the pavements are the main problem, they haven't been gritted and there's still a slippery layer of ice. I wish my house had been quiet!! The kids are starting to get a bit stir-crazy now - me, already crazy but getting worse!!